How to Buy Best Wifi Router in India Online for home and office 2020

How to Buy Best Wifi Router India Online for home and office: Detailed Guide for Routers
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What is a router and which router is best in India?

  • According to Livewire, routers are small electronic devices that join multiple computer networks together via wired or wireless connections.

Why we need a router?

  • Routers analyze data packets coming from the modem and transmit them over a network either by wired means such as LAN cables or wireless by Wi-Fi. It helps a wide range of devices to communicate with the network simultaneously.

For example, in your home, there is a modem and a broadband connection. The modem can’t directly communicate with your devices such as laptop, smartphones etc.

A router transmits signals from the modem which is then captured by your devices. In reality, a router creates a path for devices to communicate with the network.

What to consider while purchasing a router and which wifi is best in India?

Bandwidth: The more the bandwidth, more the data that can be transferred at any given point of time. If router manufacturers advertise about bandwidth in terms of numbers like AC900, AC1200, AC1500 etc. Always go for at least an AC1200 router for achieving best results.

Single band or dual band?: Actually Routers broadcast signals in terms of single band or dual band mode. Most of the old routers had only a single 2.4GHz band that followed the 802.11n protocol. This band is significantly slower than the 5GHz band which makes use of the newer 802.11ac protocol.

The only downside of the 5GHz band is its shorter coverage distance. Having a dual-band router means, even if the number of devices on the network is more, there won’t be any network congestion.

Antenna Gain: Very important Tip – Router signals will be the more powerful if higher the gain.

Antenna Gain is the measure of efficiency at which the electrical signal is converted to an RF signal. For normal users, the gain isn’t much of any importance, but having a check won’t hurt either.

How to Check Wifi Router Security : 

The Internet is a bad place.
Obviously, you need some protection from the intruders. Before you plugin router always keep in mind about security features coming with routers. WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is an older standard which has become pretty obsolete.

WEP ( Wired Equivalent Privacy) protection is the most clumsy of the bunch. It is easily susceptible to hacking. Alawys try to check whether your router connection connected / installed with WEP do avoid this practice for security reasons.

Go for the one with WPA2 at least which is the more recent iteration of the original WPA protocol.

USB ports: Having a USB port on your router could easily enhance its usability. Plugging in a thumb drive with your files would make it behave as a NAS (Network Assisted Storage) device.

This function will let the users on the network to share and view files effortlessly, Not only the users, wireless devices like printers can take advantage of this feature.

QoS (Quality of Service) scheduling: QoS enables the user to prioritize certain functions over the other. This is important for games who would like to have priority for their connection to the game server for a lag-free experience. QoS, for an average joe, might not be that important per se.

A smartphone app: Router configuration setup is a cumbersome task. Earlier we had to log in to a local router IP through an internet browser to make necessary changes to the configuration.

Many modern routers come with a smartphone app that lets you control your router on a single tap.

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