Wireless mesh network benefits help cheap reliable broadband Internet

Wireless mesh networks rely on nodes that communicate with each other wireless and therefore can transmit data between them.

Online connectivity has become of the utmost importance. Without it, most of our activities would stop. To ensure that our life never slows down, we need a stable and fast internet connection. But this is only possible if you have a wired fiber broadband connection. 

Wireless mesh network benefits for affordable reliable broadband Internet
However, broadband internet has a flaw. You can't really take it with you outside the home or office. Abroad, you have to rely on your mobile internet provider, which most of the time is quite slow due to data congestion or network throttling by the service provider. 

But the future of broadband internet may lie in wireless mesh networks. They do not require a wired connection and can be installed anywhere in the city without great cost.

The wireless mesh network technology is truly wireless

When we say wireless broadband or Internet connection, it is not really wireless. It is connected to a fixed network and with the help of a internet modem and router distributes the signals nearby. That's why you can't take it with you everywhere. But mesh networks are truly wireless because they don't need to be wired to deliver data.

Wireless mesh technology rely on nodes that communicate with each other wireless and therefore can transmit data between them. The good thing about these nodes is that they are relatively cheaper to set up than network towers. Additionally, a network could connect to hundreds of nodes.

Wireless mesh nodes technology are basically radio transmitters that send internet signals to each other. They use common Wi-Fi standards: 802.11a, g and b. An interesting thing to know about these mesh network nodes is that they are very smart to communicate. 

Then, in case a network failure or any problem occurs in one of the nodes, the remaining nodes will fix it and start communicating with the node that has the best network signal near them.

But the origin of the network is router via Ethernet connection to a landline. Then the main router starts sending the signal to the neighboring nodes and then those nodes communicate the signals even more. This type of network can be useful for an entire city, as well as for a small office. It all depends on the number of nodes configured and the type of Internet speed provided to the main router.

Since there are fewer cables to set up this connection, it means that the total cost of setting up the internet connection would also be lower. Nodes configure themselves automatically, no network administrator is required. 

Another great thing about wireless mesh nodes is that they are very easy to install and very easy to uninstall. It could be done with minimal labor and therefore even greater savings.

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