Broadband Internet Limitation: What Is FUP and How to Fix It?

Limiting the Internet is a very common thing today and Internet service providers do it deliberately fixing FUP limit for broadband connection.

Fix Slow Internet connection

When any broadband internet user after purchasing high speed broadband connection experiencing slow internet data is really frustrating for anyone. It happens with everyone, there are many factors behind this, such as the location you are in or the type of device you are using and more.

Broadband Internet Limitation: What Is FUP and How to Fix It?

But an important factor that doubles the slow Internet speed that not many people know about is the limitation of the Internet. Some ISPs deliberately limit users' bandwidth so that they cannot access at full speed from their Internet connection. But why do they do it? Read the article full to find out the reasons behind.

Intentional restriction for broadband Internet by ISPs

The primary goal of Internet ISP limitation is to maintain a stable network connection at all times. If there are many people who use the Internet in the same area at the same time to stream HD content online or download large files, it can create a lot of pressure on the network.

This is why Internet plans include a Fair Use Policy (FUP) that limits the customer to a certain amount of monthly and daily data. This is how the internet is not used only by a small percentage of people who want to use it every time. It must be available to everyone in the same capacity. Another reason why ISPs do such a thing is that they can offer more bandwidth with premium plans for those who earn more.

How to identify FUP limitation of your broadband Internet?

One of the easiest ways to control Internet acceleration is to keep checking Internet speed at regular intervals. For checking your broadband fiber internet connection can use a speed test online or app for mobile data usage or some other service.

Write down the speed you get at different times. If you find a model where the Internet speed is low and high, you will understand that your ISP is speeding up the Internet connection. Ask other users in your area whether or not they find a similar model. If so, the ISP is speeding up the Internet to maintain a stable network.

How to fix FUP limitation of Internet for your network?

An easy thing to do is use a VPN to download, upload or browse the Internet. ISPs will not be able to track your actual internet usage if you use a VPN. Therefore, it is possible to escape the bandwidth limitation. Another way to escape the Internet squeeze is to buy a premium Internet plan or a high data plan that doesn't limit your data usage to what you don't want for a day or a month.

Another way to do this is to go to the best high speed internet provider suitable for all your internet activities. Make sure they offer fiber tariff plans that meet your Internet needs.

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