JioExtender Wi-Fi Mesh for JioFiber Routers know How to Install it

JioExtender Wi-Fi Mesh connects to JioFiber Home Gateway or JioFiber router or other JioExtender via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity @

Reliance JioFiber is slowly gaining momentum in the country as TRAI's recent subscription data, claims that the ISP has managed to add more than 3 lakhs of new users. 

As we all know, all JioFiber broadband plans come with a free Wi-Fi router. The JioFiber 399 plan also offers a free router to customers. 

JioExtender Wi-Fi Mesh for JioFiber Routers available at Rs 2,499

While the included JioFiber router is more than enough for multiple users, some users will set up the connection with their router to enjoy better connection speed and range. 

From Reliance Jio advance technology supported "JioExtender Wi-Fi network" is available for JioFiber users. As the product name suggests, JioExtender Wi-Fi Mesh expands your connectivity range. 

This device is useful for users suffering from poor Wi-Fi connectivity with the included JioFiber router.

JioExtender Wi-Fi Mesh: Features and Technical specifications

Jio extender wifi mesh review: This device connects to JioFiber Home Gateway or JioFiber router or other JioExtender via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity. These JioExtenders are daisy-chained to extend Wi-Fi coverage to the farthest corners of your home. 

Reliance Jio says "The JioExtender Wi-Fi Mesh works with EasyMesh Wi-Fi technology to provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity by eliminating dark areas. Furthermore, the device is said to detect the bandwidth requirements of the device and intelligently manage the traffic and connectivity".

Product specifications include dimensions of 110mm x 110mm x 32mm, simultaneous dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz connectivity, internal Wi-Fi antennas, data rates up to 300Mbps on 2.4GHz and 867 Mbps on the 5 GHz band. The device has only one RJ45 Ethernet port and can be connected to a JioFiber router in both wired and wireless mode.

How to configure JioExtender Wi-Fi Mesh?

The installation process is simple; First of all, users will need to connect JioExtender to JioFiber router via LAN cable. After connecting, users will need to turn on the JioExtender and the pairing process will take up to three minutes. 

After the pairing is complete, you can disconnect the JioExtender from the JioFiber router and place it in the desired location to extend the coverage. Watch the video for the complete procedure.

JioExtender Wi-Fi Mesh: Price and availability

As per latest information Jio-Extender Wi-Fi Mesh is only available in India to its Jio fiber internet users at Rs 2,499. It can be purchased through and the company delivers the product within 3-5 days.

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